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I’ve been in love with golf from a very young age. Having been a good athlete, I played and coached many sports, but golf was always the strongest draw for me. After enjoying my time on the course for many years, I couldn’t imagine anything more rewarding than to teach others to love this game as I do.
I began by teaching at driving ranges. Seeing so many golfers move ahead in their game inspired me to take the next step and pursue my PGA certification. Now with my Class A Professional Teaching status, I am able to reach out to so many more golf students with accountability and professionalism. From the timid golfer who needs the confidence of a consistent swing – to the bold young power-hitter who needs to tone down for accuracy - I love the challenge. And nothing gives me more satisfaction than hearing my golfers say “You fixed my swing!”

My Offered Lessons:

Depending on the level of the student I teach on the driving range, on the golf course and the simulator.

Trackman Simulator

On-Course Lesson

Simulator lessons are where we work to develop the formula for a great swing. We start with the basic and most important lesson: how to use your core and coordinate your lower body, and not rely on your arms.

On-Course lessons require a player who has accomplished a repeatable swing. We play through the course working on swing first, accuracy next and finally, power and distance.

$60 an hour

$60 an hour

I am playing better golf than I ever have. I have a consistency that I never could attain until I learned to “trust my core”. My golf is at a level that I can enjoy playing with friends and colleagues without being embarrassed. The savings alone on lost balls provide a significant return on the lesson investment. Will Harris teaches with integrity…He plays just like he teaches.

Roy M., Stockton CA

As a seasoned golfer, I was repeatedly making the same missed hits throughout my round. Will assessed three basic issues in my setup and takeaway which resulted in immediate feedback and better contact in my swing. I can now more readily self diagnose swing problems when I fall back into bad habits. Working with Will in his studio has also helped me to better refine my swing on the course. I highly recommend him to help with your game!

Susan, Stockton, CA

Never too late to learn! I waited until I was 60 years old to learn this game. Coach Will’s patience with my blunders and his understanding of my limitations enabled me to move ahead and learn great technique and a swing that works for me! I can now join with friends on the course with confidence and fun. Coach Will has shown me I don’t have to be a pro to play well and love the game.

Greta M., Lodi, CA

Use these ball positions will help you with your alignment.


If you putt like this - let's change that.


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Golf lessons and one-on-one instruction with PGA Class A Professional Instructor, Will Harris. Lessons take place both on and off the course, focusing on swing dynamics, solid foundation, and skill building. 

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